Nov 25, 2011

Prosource Wireless Looks like a scam

Internet Deals: If it is took good to be true, it is NOT.

I was browsing's deals my ASUS 1005HA netbook on the eve of Black Friday when I was served up some ads claiming $ 70 Android netbooks. I said to myself, "sure why not, let me check this out". So I click the link on  and go to and see that they have really nice looking pictures of all the tablets and other electronics. They also use wonderful descriptions like Android tablet, Windows tablet etc.. but never do they mention the actual brand of the tablet they are selling.

Now, on the one hand you have tablets like iPad, ASUS transformer, Samsung's Galaxy etc.. and on the other you have PanDigitial, Mirius (?) etc's low end cheapo versions. In fact, I saw one of PanDigital's tablet advertized in a Kohl's flier. Kohl's - where people I know shop for curtains, kitchenware and some clothing - not the latest in electronics! No knock on PanDigital, but they are sold at Amazon for the same $ 79.99. And Amazon has a great return policy, so you are better off buying cheap tablets at trusted websites like Amazon, or local Walmart etc than via random websites on the net..

These pathetic products also provide ONLY 2 GB of storage space.. that is less than most common Flash drives nowadays.

One clue toward the professionalism of any company/website can be from the typos in product descriptions. The exhibit below gives some hints in "ava

Links from other customers who have been scammed/ripped off are here at pissed consumer and at ripoff report.

Disclosure: If you happen to shop via the links on this blog linking to do provide a rebate to me when I shop at Amazon.I appreciate such actions by you but that does not mean I am recommending that you shop solely at Amazon for the products listed in the post above.

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