Jan 21, 2007

Carroms and Pool/Billiards

The more i play either of these games, I realize that I really like them very much. Probably it is the simple mechanics involved (for an engineer) which excites me that I am able to figure out the angles needed and the forces to move the ball (coin) to the pocket. But also the biggest problem has been in execution. one place where someone like "Straight Face and Steady Hands" could do a great job, but probably not me. I try not to blame the cue or the powder (or lack thereof) for any slips or misdirected shots and as always try to be a perfect gentleman at the table.

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  1. Perfect gentleman!! trust me u don't have to try to be one...:) you rather try to do the other way round!!

    and nice blog... very honest, Nari!


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