Aug 21, 2008

Magsformiles update 2008

Info on getting magazines for Airline frequent flier miles can be found in this post. If you are looking for paid subscriptions (from a trusted vendor), please use this referral link:

Magazine Subscriptions From Amazon
    Partial List of Airlines sites that allow redemption of award miles to magazines
American Airlines:
In my personal opinion, issues like The Wall Street Journal - 230 and Conde Nast are good deals. But then I like that stuff!
  • Barrons, Conde Nast Traveler, Fast Company, New York Magazine, Wine Spectator and several others are great choices for leisure or useful (read as "forming money making ideas") reading.

Continental Airlines (link fixed now):
  • Seems to have magazines as well as some kind of discount deal (50% off) on merchandise. Check the prices, do the math and then use it. I have not reviewed this as I have never earned Onepass in my life. ( I can't believe none of the 30-40 people who clicked the above link told me it was pointing to American airlines, oh Geez!)
Delta Airlines (may need to log in):
  • Comparable to the deal you get with AA miles (probably same provider)

Northwest Airlines:
  • Same deal as AA or Delta miles (plus it is going to merge with Delta soon, yes? New website is pretty "fancy")
United Airlines (zip code needed)

US Airways
For US Airways, one needs to visit this link:
You will see two listings under

Subscriptions for miles

Newspapers (via only)
Magazines (via US Airways itself)
(NOTE: A window will pop up so turn off your pop up blocker on US Airways website) (portal to manage airline miles and points and swap):
  • By the far, the steepest conversion losses will be incurred here. BUT, you have some additional flexibility. For one, you can convert miles at rates ranging from 0.8 cent/mile, which is lower than my threshold of 1c/mile to as low as 0.4 cent/mile (bad).

    The approximate conversion rate to gift certificate value* is discussed here. Currently sign up seems to be free.

    I converted some about to expire 13,000 US airways miles from my mom's Dividend miles account to some my Amazon cash. Of course I gave her some gold jewelry as a gift so it evens out.
Reference "Something for Nothing" is from the US Today Article located online at:

* This is equal to getting "store credit" at, you need to have an account or need to create one for this purpose.


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