Sep 21, 2010

Frugal Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings can be pricey...but if you plan ahead and book right, then everyone involved can have a great vacation and a wonderful wedding will be yours to remember.

Often, the phrase 'destination wedding', makes one think of white sandy beaches and islands, however, if you live far away from the ocean, do not despair.

There are other kinds of destinations too -eg. a mineral spring based spa destination. Today, we will review the spa resort at Bedford Springs in Pennsylvania. This little known secret is yours to enjoy if you know which resort to tap into.
The Omni hotel chains has set up a wonderful mineral springs resort surrounded by a creek and eight different mineral springs.


In 1796, Nicholas Shauffler discovered a high mineral content in the natural freshwater springs located on the property of Fredrick Naugel, outside of Bedford, Pennsylvania. These springs were reputed to have ‘healing powers” by the Native Americans who had come to this spot to drink from and bathe in the waters for centuries. Doctor John Anderson, then practicing in the town of Bedford, purchased the land containing the springs in 1798 and proceeded to build bathing facilities for his patients; thus starting the tradition of people traveling to experience the waters of the Bedford springs and setting the foundation for what is today Bedford Springs Resort, an upscale destination, located just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike



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