Dec 29, 2009

Canada Restricts Carry On Luggage

Canada has been quick to restrict carry on luggage on flights to US, with some exemptions for medicines, musical instruments, laptops and other such items. You know what this means...
(Disclaimer: Almost all products featured in this post are linked to None have been tried by me or recommended by me. They are merely the first suggestions that come to my mind.)

If your checked luggages is lost or delayed, you cannot be buying new underwear everytime. What you need to do is:
a) Dress like Superman; wear a set of clean underwear on top of your clothes.
b) Wear quick drying underwear, like this one for men or this for women.

Also, you need to make sure that laptop bag itself can contains a small netbook, thereby giving you more room for other essentials.
Make sure you carry an empty water bottle that you can fill with water on the plane (links), so that you don't need to wait for the inflight service to quench your thirst. Or you could carry thirst quenching gum (larger sizes featured alongside).

Keep chocolate bars and protein bars to ward off hunger.

Keep some meditation mp3s to keep you sane if there is chaos around you and general unrest.

Make sure you have some plush gloves with you no matter what weather, because these gloves could be used as neck pillows. (Already they are not letting blankets and pillows, so you can use these gloves as pillows).

Well that is all the promotion I can do for now folks. If you buy any of this stuff, remember you are also supporting some good causes in that process.


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  2. These are all the very great and informative guidelines for the pack-list and packaging before departure. These are so informative and worthwhile as well.


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