May 22, 2009

Magsformiles Information

Information on airlines provided in alphabetical order by airline name. American, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, Northwest, United and US Airways are covered in this post.


AMERICAN AIRLINES----------Follow this Link


DELTA AIRLINES-------------- Follow this link

FRONTIER AIRLINES----------Follow this link

------ ---Follow this link

MIDWEST AIRLINES----------- Follow this link ( Alternate Link )
(they also have Mileage exchange, a useful program for converting to Hilton Or use to swap)
    NORTHWEST AIRLINES------ Follow this link

    UNITED AIRLINES------------- Follow this link
    (zip code needed)

    US AIRWAYS------------------ Follow this link
    Magazines only with US Airways miles, for newspapers you have to use
    through the link Subscriptions for miles

    POINTS.COM-------------------- Follow this Link
    Additional notes, reviews, comments etc.

    American [Link]

    In my opinion, The Wall Street Journal - 230 and Conde Nast are good deals. I have used this twice successfully.

    Continental [Link]
    Has magazines as well as some kind of discount deal (50% off) on other merchandise. About the 50% deals [Miles for Merchandise], compare prices before buying. I am not reviewing Onepass as I have earned Onepass miles.

    Delta ([Link]
    Comparable to the deal you get with AA miles.

    FRONTIER [Link]
    Not reviewed

    HAWAIIAN [Link]
    I have not used Hawaiian so I am not reviewing it here.

    NORTHWEST [Link]
    Same deal as AA or Delta miles (Note: NW is going to merge with Delta soon but websites remain separate)

    UNITED AIRLINES [Link] (zip code needed)
    I have not used this service as I use my UA miles for travel rewards usually.

    US AIRWAYS [Link]
    (please turn off your pop up blocker on the US Airways website)
    MAGAZINES AT POINTS.COM website is an online portal that lets you convert airline miles and hotel reward points to useful items or swap them into other programs. You can also get Amazon certificates at using your airline miles. This is yet another way to get magazines for airline miles. For miles of these carrriers: Hawaiian, American, US Airways you can get magazines via the POINTS.COM website. The downside of using a service like is that the conversion losses are considered steep by some people.

    But still, you have some additional flexibility to convert miles or points with which you cannot fly, but want some value out of (it). At you can also convert those miles to cash. You would need certain minimum miles depending on the program to get anything useful on So make sure you have a few thousand miles at least. may give you more flexibility in spending the final amount. The approximate conversion rate to gift certificate value* is discussed here. Currently (Jan 09) it is free to sign up with

    My experience at I converted some 13,000 US airways miles (near expiry) from my mom's Dividend miles account to Amazon gift certificates (~$11?). At, you can convert miles at rates ranging from 0.8 cent/mile to as low as 0.4 cent/mile , which is way lower than my cost basis of 1c/mile).

    If you want any other Airlines to be covered or have info on other airlines, please leave me a comment and I will add that to this list. Thank you! A similar post on this topic is here.
    Looking for cheap paid subscriptions to magazines? You can visit the following link Magazine Subscriptions From Amazon
    Maybe people are trying to use up their accumulated miles for something, rather than letting them go waste. Considering how hard it has become to redeem miles for award tickets nowadays, converting them to magazines or Amazon cash (more on that in another page) is very welcome.

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