Apr 10, 2009

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no way, not me. I will try back linking..
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I dont know if you use this feature still but I have used it only since late 2008. I didnt get a physical calling card, but I just dial the no on the back of the card, key in my CC no at the prompt and then I can call numbers around the globe for a few mins or within US long distance for 30 mins. I find the 6 mins calls to india or a 20 mins call to UK more useful actually. Anyhow, if you feel safe about storing your cc no on your phone, then you can program it in using the Pause keys (hold * down for a few secs it will change to a "p" denoting a pause in your phone no sequence.
Good luck, Also check http://tinyurl.com/mags4miles for useful info about airline miles.

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