Here is the quick and easy way to save on cell phones!
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Blog Updated last on Oct 18, 2011
AT&T Wireless Referral

If you are planning on getting a new AT &T Wireless plan or if you got one within the last 30 days you can get a $25 rebate card if you sign up for this referral rebate. [Link: AT&T wireless ]

***** This works only if you joined as a new subscriber to AT&T Wireless within the last 30 days - does not work for a renewal or additional line). So you must have switched from another carrier or starting a cell phone plan for the first time in US. ****

1. Activate new cellular service with AT&T Wireless.
2. After 1 business day has passed, then register yourself on the AT&T Wireless Refer a friend Program.

The referral site to register on (after your wireless service is activated) is : https://referral.wireless.att.com
3. Click  “My Friend is an AT&T customer and referred me”.

Make sure to enter my referral phone number in the next step (i.e. the referral code) :
8..1..4. 5.7.4. (8145740132 without the period) .

4. Complete the rest of the registration.
It takes AT&T about 6 weeks after signing up to verify and send the rebate cards. You will also get an email notification at that time. 

Terms and Conditions excerpted from AT&T site:Purchase of a new AT&T wireless service plan. Sign up for voice plans that cost least $39.99 per month. Your plan can be higher than this, include data plans etc and it will still work.
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