Feb 11, 2008

Facebook To Launch Sites in Spanish/German/French

Facebook announced that it will be launching Spanish language version of its social networking website from Monday (Feb 11, 2008) [Source]. The translation of the website was carried out by several volunteers in about four weeks time (a short time in my opinion).
If you are in Spain or any of the espanol speaking countries from Latin America and visit facebook.com the Spanish version should load automatically. People in other places can change their language settings under the "Account" settings > under the Language tab (follow link).

I tested it and all the links and content are converted to authentic Spanish (e.g. Language=idiomas), however the urls are still in English. So this is a great help even if your settings get changed my mistake. You can hover over the links and figure out your way. On the flip side, you can learn some Spanish computer lingo in the process.

German and French versions will follow soon. I wonder how soon, Hindi, Tamil and other languages will follow? Any volunteers?


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