Feb 14, 2008

General Valentine's Day Whine..or wine and cheers?

Ok Everybody it is Feb 14! Now curb your euphoria.
So usually I try to ignore Valentine's day because of the commercialism associated with it. But every year I fail to ignore it. However, what I do is, not fall to the "buying any gift trap" but end up doing something vary different (not really by design, but more due to stinginess - jk). E.g one year, I was out with a camera on a snowy evening and ended up shooting a bunny rabbit as it was prancing about in the snow near White Course Apartments (Penn State Grad Housing).

Another year, (long back), I went for a super long run along the beach (Santa Barbara CA) and ended up getting caught between the ocean and a cliff as high tide came in. Luckily I managed to climb the cliff and somehow scale the 40 ft without falling and survived.
I have also been out for some salsa dancing while at SB. Another year, I decided to collect all the old CD's and aol CD's and carpet my room with shiny coasters.

This year, I was too busy to even think of doing something different. This is because there has been lot of snowfall and most of my free time is used up in shoveling the sidewalks. [My work is doubled because my lucky roommate is in Colorado and conveniently avoiding the shoveling]. Anyhow when I got home on Wednesday evening I decided I would make use of the snow and create this huge 10 ft big heart in the snow using my tracks alone. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, the iHeart. ok ok, jk, it is not made my Apple Inc, just by my footprints - made with big winter boots.Once I created this, I thought why not be nice about the whole thing. I could dedicate this snow heart (Note: sappy speech coming up) to my loving family: my mom & dad, sis and bro, b-i-l, my cute nephew and niece and my loving grandma and my late grampa. Further I offer this heart to all the wonderful ladies that are my friends ;).

[The images were taken with my Sony Ericsson W810i. cellphone]


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