Dec 11, 2007

Eggplant Parmesan (in State College)

Among Italian dishes, I really love eggplant parmesan (ep). What is so great about that? Well, this is coming from somebody who absolutely hated eggplant (brinjal) growing up, so for me to profess love for this vegetable in a signature dish is BIG. Yes, a long long way from childhood dislikes! I am not going to share a lengthy review, but just briefly indicate portion sizes and taste/cost details.

The places I tried ep are:
Olive Garden, State College.
Cafe Laura, Restaurant on Penn State Campus.
Faccia Luna, South Atherton St, State College.

Olive Garden's ep is pretty mundane fare. But it is a good choice for vegetarians who like some fried things in their food! Pay around $11-13

Cafe Laura is the one place where I tried this item at lunch time. For 6-7 bucks it is a good deal. The portion size is smaller, but that is how lunch is served isnt it?

At Faccia Luna it comes as a fairly large portion and I have had it twice now. The first time it was great (in 2007?) that was one of the better choices that year. (update summer 2008: recently I had their egg-parm and the egg plant was not cooked enough :(. They lose their title for making good eggplant-parmesan now) . Pay around $11.50 or s0.

If you just want to do lunch and eat cheap, ie for $6, go to Cafe Laura on the Penn State campus.


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