Apr 18, 2007

Calling India Airtel, Onesuite, Reliance etc.

This is a review on Airtel's call india service that I posted as a comment on the floatingsun.net blog (by some chap in San Diego). At the bottom I will add more reviews about Reliable, Onesuite and also Reliance Calling Services [probably by the end of April].
AIRTEL INDIA CALLING CARD/Long distance service
I started using Airtel at the beginning of 2007 when they had a double down offer. So here is the good and bad of their service.

The Good: Rates are lower than Reliance and your money is doubled (which is very different from what reliance offered- they were halving your usage cost - which is nice but compare this. I added $10 to Airtel , it became $20 balance and then calls are billed at 4 c (no tax).

Reliance instead takes your usage (if you are post paid) and halves it, so I used only 100 mins at 13c/min, I will get a discount of $6.5 for the month. Whereas with Airtel I get $10 advantage and that increases if you are willing to add $50 etc. (which I did eventually in Feb).

Call quality = very good.

Connection to network: about 90% reliable.

Website usage: Sucked in Feb. have nt been there in 2 months now. They need to improve that. The site makes you log in multiple times, there was no password customization ( so I had to write down a long string of letters provided by Airtel).

Regarding PINLESS dialing: I have been able to add one number (with reliance I could add 3 to 5 numbers).

However, this is not a BIG issue for me because MODERN CELLPHONES can store long sequences of numbers with pauses ('p') and (executions: '#' signs) so I can program a sequence into my phone for each family member.
Speed dial 1 on cell phone is assigned to my girlfriend (let us say she is in Delhi and has a mobile no = 98 XXX YYY ZZ

1 = Airtel tollfree no + pause, pause pause + 4 digit PIN # + pause pause pause + 00 91 98 XXX YYY ZZ#

So how it works is, the "pauses" can be inserted in (Sony and motorola phones) by holding down the "7" key till it changes to "p".

I insert 3-4 pauses which gives you 3-4 seconds before the tones (PIN or Delhi no) are sent to the Airtel system. The # key executes that number.

Sometimes in system delay cases it asks me to enter the India phone no again, but I have never had problem authenticating the PIN and entering the system.

Further you can also program this sequence to a voice dial if you have that on your cell, then you dont have to dial any digits at all. just say "Call Sweetie" or "Call Ankur" or Call Kareena" and your hitech phone will do the rest for you.

Just dont voice program names like Shehanshah Jahangir, system might trip! :)
Welcome to Voice dialing!
The big advantage with Onesuite is that they provide competitive rates to almost all countries in the world. Unlike Airtel, which is restricted to calling India from US, with Onesuite you can call many different countries with a single account. The rates to most European landlines are in the 2-5 cent a minute, to India it is in the 7-10 cent a min rate.

They also offer PINLESS dialing and stored memory online for speed dialing, Auto Recharge facility etc. Overall, a GREAT DEAL!
Sign up at Onesuite here

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  1. Never use Airtel but I am a Onesuite user for a few years now and all I can say is Onesuite has been good to me. Call quality are great and the rates are very competitive.

    Their website are easy to navigate and you can even chek your account history in real time.

    I am using it for calling China, Philippines and India.

    It would be perfect if Onesuite will add an access number from the Philippines. Right now theres no access from the Philippines unlike China and India and sabout a couple of dozen countries around the world.

    Please post your review too.

  2. I also use Onesuite for calling my folks back in India and I actually prefer it than Airtel.

  3. Where's the Onesuite review? I can not find it in your blog. I'm looking for a prepaid VoIP and might consider Onesuite.


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