Apr 13, 2007

National Flag/National Anthem Controversy

On the latest (cultivated) controversy about the national flag/anthem and Tendulkar/Murthy.
Contrary to media portayal, In Tendulkar's case, (IMO) he was actually showing MORE respect by cutting a cake with national colors on it. I personally would not put something into my mouth unless I respect it. It is like Annapoorna devi for me (our country and the flag, that is).
Further, in Tendulkar's case, it was the Indian High Commission in Jamaica that had organized the event and arranged for the cake. So if people in the government don't know and implement (so-called) rules properly why is it the fault of the ordinary man (tendulkar in this case)

I dont know much about Murthy's case but probably they were taken out of context, I definitely believe Narayan Murthy is quite patriotic. Besides the politicians need to do some useful work than waste time on things like these.
Jai Bharat.


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