May 7, 2007

The different diets I love

Or..should I say, cuisines? Because I don't really count calories while eating, but I usually do worry if my pants start getting tighter around the waist!

So some of the nice cuisines that I like are:

South Indian (especially Tamil Nadu - obviously when your mother and grandmother's cooking is from one cuisine, it is usually your top choice!)

Bengali Sweets
Outside India
Meditteranean (in fact these cuisines from regions in Italy, Crete, Spain, Greece) have been noted to be one of the healthiest diets in the world.
Mexican cuisine (minus the sour cream for me please!)
German desserts
Slavic desserts
Ethiopian cuisine

and more that I can hopefully try as time flies by!
Here perhaps I should also divert and mention that Crete is a place to visit for tourism and wonderful eating. So if you want to take a 2 month book writing stay - Crete-Skafia region is the place to go. Check it out here. There accomodation prices seem relatively cheap except for the fact that getting there can be an adventure in itself and a little pricey (if you are going for a short trip and by yourself). A group of four seems to be best party size to go to this place and you won't find discos and bars while out there. Most places there do close at midnight too. However they advertise their location as a good hiking spot too.
I have not been there but I think I would love to go there!!



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