Feb 15, 2007

Snow day

Smiling in the Apple Store in NY City. Me and my friends were trying different types of smiles (genuine, plastic, surprised and more) in front of a webcam. Silly time pass. If you go to NYC, check it out, it is near Central Park.

Snow Day - Feb 14, 2007
I spent a glorious day on Wednesday. First, of course, work had to be done in shoveling the sidewalks clear of snow. I did this the night before @ 9pm and still found 7-8 in snow piled up next morning. Even the prev night I had shoveled snow from a sidewalk that had been cleared by my roommate in the afternoon!.
Anyhow after all the work, I went to campus but since I was not doing much, I made some plans to go skiing. That did not work out either, but I ended up snow sledding in a park (on a snowy slope) near our house! It was amazing! Will try to add pics soon. Sledding down slopes was great fun on a snow day!


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