Feb 10, 2007


This website and the links pointing out from this site strive only to provide information about converting miles to magazines or other general information about stock market or money saving tips. The final decision regarding sharing your FF nos etc are still yours alone. If at any stage you are not comfortable sharing your airline FF no, address etc, do not do so. Also for your safety, carefully check the address bar to see if security features like https are incorporated on not when sharing info online. Additionally, don't share info to any random website offering freebies. Remember, the whole reason I wrote about magsformiles wayy back in 2005 was that I was not comfortable giving my FF no to get some magazines. Also, the author of this page is not a registered financial or travel advisor, and you should not construe anything written here to be investment advise. All information is a point of view, and is for educational and informational use only. No representation is being made that any investment made on the basis of data or information on this blog will result in profits. The author accepts no liability for any interpretation of articles or comments on this blog being used for actual investments. In short: Apply your own thoughts before investing; I could be wrong. I do not accept responsibility for any of your losses incurred by interpretation of content in this blog. Further all content on this blog is free to view; no reader is expected to pay any amount as fee or any other consideration to me (the author) for reading my views. Magsformiles, Amazon, AT&T, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Hawaiian, United, US Airways, Sogotrade, Zecco, Scottrade are all respective trademarks of their owners. The use of these marks are neither endorsed nor opposed (as of print) by these entities.


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