Apr 5, 2013

Facebook Kitchen, Living Room and Yes, Bedroom and Bathroom too

By now, you have probably heard about Facebook Home and how it is more than an app, different from a phone but something that will completely integrate facebook into your life. Or is that, give you life some time while facebook becomes the soul?

Anyhow, not content with just introducing Home, facebook did allow developers to introduced other user-built app environments that will work with your facebook controlled google glass/knockoff. These include

Facebook Wakeup: These are glasses or contacts that you have put on when you get up in the morning to be able to see anything around you. Otherwise everything around you will be a dark blue color, like drenched in octopus ink. All the following apps will run on this device as you switch from room to room.

Facebook Kitchen: In simple terms, this is the app/device that will tell you what to cook or what to eat. It will peek into your pantry and refrigerator and make sure you go to the store or order online with facebook ad partners to buy those necessary groceries or (if over 21) that bottle of wine.

Facebook Living Room: It will show you previews of upcoming shows and events and also take over the job of "Liking" your favorite sports channel or cooking shows etc. Using your credit card, it will also know when to order coke/beer/nachos/subway/pizza etc for you.

Facebook Bedroom: Ahem, well it will order different items and services based on its algorithms. This might include orders of aspirin for headaches.

Facebook Bathroom: From the basic stuff like restocking toilet paper orders, to toothbrush renewals based on visual analysis, this app can stare and various things


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