Aug 10, 2011

Penn Staters Can Make Miles and Save 10% More

If you are a student at Penn State or a parent of one, there is a great way to earn some extra miles as well as get great 10% discounts at several on campus dining options.
You do that by using Lioncash, which is Penn state's own prepaid card system.  The website to add money is They accept Mastercard and Visa branded cards only (respective trademarks). You get miles for every dollar added because it is listed as a purchase on your credit card statement and there are no cash advance charges. However, once the money is added, the process to refund it back is very complicated and details are on the idcard website, so keep that caveat in mind.

Additionaly Lioncash+ partners with several local businesses to provide great discounts. You can read about on the University's website. (regulations do not permit direct linking)


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