Sep 8, 2011

A New Way of Travel Search: Wanderfly

I saw a new website/company feature on Fast Company (my start up page in my browser) WANDERFLY. This website uses a lot of small thumbnails at the top bar and suggests one by one many places, using pretty pictyres, with free pictures from Flickr by crediting the photographer.
It is an innovative concept with a smart use of free resources (flickr photos of others). Then the website serves as a travel booking engine but it gives you themes of ART, ADVENTURE, ECO... and many more.. Check it out!!

Wanderfly Screen Capture (click to view full image)
At some point, researching and booking a vacation became such a hassle that you needed to book a second vacation just to recover from it.There are myriad travel sites, of course--different ones for flights, car rentals, hotels, and location research--each with its thousands of tiny check boxes, and each with its inherent assumption that you knew where you wanted to go in the first place.

Wanderfly aims to change all that, to make the process of booking a getaway nearly as fun as actually taking it. The personalized travel-recommendation engine--which suggests more than 1,200 worldwide destinations to users in more than 200 countries--bases its suggestions first on your passions and budget, not location. And it does so with a lot of pretty pictures, basic location information, activity recommendations, and options for lodging and flights, sorted by price. It feels more like flipping through a travel magazine than tussling with a testy bookings engine. It was created to help you "visit places you've never heard of, but are exactly what you're looking for."

I get no personal benefit out of this post! it's a cool idea :)


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