Sep 21, 2010

Sapphires vs Diamonds

Precious gemstones are things of beauty. However, when asked to choose between a diamond and a sapphire, what is one to do?

Is the brilliance of diamond of a higher value than the stunning blue color sparkle of a sapphire? Does this effect change with the skin color or eye color of the wearer? Does the gemstone's connection with a planet have an important say?
What are the traps involved in purchasing a precious stone?
A lot of these questions depend on who you are purchasing from.
in general most generals make a huge markup on Sapphires as almost all of the stones in the market are heat treated. So ask your jeweler to specifically mention this if so. Even if a stone has been treated it is very hard to prove that it has been treated so the key is just bargain hard on the price of the stone. Typically sapphires sell in the $600 to $ 1000/carat range for high quality sapphires. Source: Blue Sapphires on
Sapphire (blue)


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