Feb 10, 2009

Mileage Plus Credit Card

Mileage Refer a friend bonus

Refer a friend and earn up to 15,000 bonus miles
Dates: Ongoing
Offer: Now when you refer a friend who applies for and receives the Mileage Plus Visa Card, you will receive 5,000 bonus miles, up to 15,000 bonus miles1. Your friend [YOU] can earn up to 20,000 bonus miles after first purchases2 and pay no annual fee for the first year. You must provide my mileage plus number to the friend will provide this number when they call to request the card.

Get started now: To refer a friend, have them call 877-273-7138.
Promotion code: MPF327
Please email me at naridon AT yahoo DOT and ask for my referral mileage plus number. thanks

[Please note that this recommendation is only for people who have already more or less decided to sign up for the mileage plus card offered by Chase bank and united airlines. In the current credit environment I am not asking you to run out and CC's but if you are wise about managing credit, then this is a good card if you travel out of United.com hub areas.]

Alternately you can also try obtaining a Visa Signature card with Chase.
(Retrieved from First USA site on Jan 5, 2009) You open a new credit card account with Chase bank for the United Mileage Plus Credit card and you earn 30,000 miles after $250* worth purchases on the credit card. * The minimum purchase amount for qualification of bonus might vary from case to case.


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