Jan 19, 2009

US Airways Emerging Details

More details are emerging on the US Airways plane incident dominating the news in the past few days. A new report on CNN.com gives accounts from a few passengers and another non-governmental agency about the plane's engines experiencing mid-air problems flying the same trip (LGA-CLT) two days before the Hudson river landing.

Some passengers from Monday's flight reported a mid air scare mentioning engines stalling and hearing loud noises. However, that plane continued to its destination (Charlotte) after the engines apparently restarted. At this stage this story seems highly anecdotal and a recovery of both engines and subsequent detailed examination by the NTSB would be the thing to wait for, before jumping to any conclusions, unlike many other bloggers.
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CNN Link: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/01/19/hudson.plane.folo/index.html

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