Dec 30, 2006

Spend-a-holics: tips to buy less

Ok, so I am barely a spend-a-holic, but still around late December, I do end up buying lot of stuff because I perceive prices to be low and also I end up going to the mall with friends who need (ask for) company. The incentive for me is that I get to see a lot of the latest fashions - on a certain class of people so it is always a fun experience. The problem of overspending occurs whenever we use a 'cart' or even if you are conscious and use a basket. Fear not, I have tip for that too. The best method to reduce purchase is the "shop till you drop" principle, Only you don't use bags or baskets. You try to buy only the things that you can physically carry around in the store, the moment you are dropping things - God forbid, any glass items - you ought to check out!
If you use a basket, try carrying it upside down and turn it upright only when you convince yourself that something worthy of the basket is in front of you.
This way, you can avoid overspending! :) Cheers.
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Be a savvy spender.

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