Jun 30, 2014

How to earn $5 starbucks card with little effort

How to earn a $5 Starbucks rewards for little extra effort than to sign up for a Bing Rewards Account.

Microsoft's search engine Bing - which shows beautiful pictures everyday - regularly gives users rewards for using Bing to search the web. One of those rewards is a $ 5 Starbucks gift card that you get for every 500 points you accumulate by searching. You get it for as low as 475 points once you gain Gold status.

Sign is very simple: Visit BING from here and sign for the account, you can even use facebook connect to sign up. After you sign up, set Bing to be default search engine in your browser.

In Internet Explorer, Bing is the default search engine, but you do need to sign up for the Account first.
If you are using Chrome, type chrome://settings/   in the browser address bar.

Towards the middle/bottom of the settings page you can pull down and change the setting for Omnibox search settings. (this is for direct search from the location bar in Chrome).

In Firefox, set your default search box to Bing as well as go and change your Homepage to Bing by clicking on the Settings button (top right corner), then going to Options then Choosing the General tab.

Happy searching and quick earnings to your rewards!!

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