Apr 30, 2012

Incredible: 1100 Sea miles Racked up by Camera in Ikelite Case

Just read an incredible story about a Nikon camera that was lost on sea in Aruba and watched an awesome video filmed by a sea turtle (filmed accidentally). The said lost camera was in an Ikelite case that protected it from the elements and aided its travel from Aruba to Florida.

The credit for the full story goes to Technology Tell (story here)

The youtube video is embedded in this post but the direct link is here in case there is an error or embedding is removed!

Enjoy folks! I was surprised that Ikelite's facebook page did not show this yet!

Disclaimer: I do not own any Nikon COOLPIX or Ikelite products and I have not been paid anything to write this post up! If you want to help, you can always buy your Nikon COOLPIX or Ikelite products through those links in this post.


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