Jan 20, 2011

Bigdeal (bigdeal.com) is a SCAM

Take our word for it or other people's words (review) for it or take a look at the time stamped images below which show you the "time left" counter on Bigdeal.com always keep resetting to 30 seconds. This is to keep new users addicted to the site's "so called" deals. Notice how the first image at 5 seconds on the stop watch (right) is close to 26 sec on the countdown from 30 seconds (left)

After that, you see the coundown clock on bigdeal's website resetting automatically many times back to 30 and is shown at 28 sec even when real time elapsed is 1 min 51 seconds!!! WHAT A CON!

Bigdeal uses a robot or dedicated outbidding employees, who (bid for free) and outbid you. YOU, on the other hand, have to buy "non refundable" bid tokens for $0.75 each and you will keep losing them anytime you make a bid or raise your bid. No real auction makes you lose money for bidding alone. WHAT A SCAM, what a con.

I won't even link their site from here, but I will ask you to search "is bigdeal.com a scam" or "Is Bigdeal a scam" "big deal a scam, ripoff etc. and find out for yourself.



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