Feb 17, 2009

Bonus for linking Delta and NWA accounts

Since Delta and Northwest are merged, they are offering a bonus to link the two FF accounts and you can also transfer miles for free between the accounts. Also till Mar 15 there is a 500 mile bonus for just linking the two accounts.

If you have miles on either of those, it is worth creating an account on the other and then link them up to earn free 500 bonus miles. Since Delta and NW are merging they are offering this option, but it (bonus) is only till Mar 15 or something.



If you dont have a NWA Worldperks account you can enroll on on NWA site within 2 mins, the only annoying part is u have to type email add twice , a security question asnwer twice and make sure to UNCHECK the Credit card offer at the bottom (NWA cards have annual fee from 1 yr itself..)


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