Nov 2, 2008

Earn Miles Free

I just remembered some methods to earn airline miles without spending a penny (yes no money involved), except of course, your time on the internet! (the sponsor list is here: Air France, Continental, Delta and US Airways are sponsors through whom you can get an invitation + Hilton honors, bmi - no link given here)

US Airways has all sorts of additional ways to earn miles, one which caught my was the Microsoft Live Search Club (under Get Miles > Even more ways to earn.)

If the links above do not work directly, I would suggest that you go to the 'Earn Miles" or Get Miles section of each mileage program webpage and search around a bit, usually erewards can be found under "other ways" or "Even other ways/Other partners".

Emiles typically makes you take surveys (5-10 miles/event) and then an option to buy products (100-500 miles earned depending on purchase size) from many different online retailers including names like Target,, Cruise lines etc.

ERewards is more of an online market survey group. You receive survey invitations by email and then respond to those within 1-2 days of email receipt. Even if you are invited by one partner, E-rewards also gives the flexibility to obtain any type of available reward, like amazon certs, any airline miles or gift certs for the rewards you earn.

For some airlines, works (AAdvantage)

Other airlines have their own promotions or dining miles program (eg UAL Dining)- register any credit card and when you naturally happen to eat out at selected restaurants (cheap to pricey) you end up earning miles quietly when you pay with the registered card.


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