Oct 3, 2008

Crazy Air Travel

I have nt written much on air travel or airline miles for a while now. Most of the blame goes to the roller coaster ride happening in the financial sector right now. Anyhow, I came across an article on about scariest runways on CNN's website. Bhutan's Paro airport and Honduras' Toncont├Čn Airport in Tegucigalpa (this was one place where I have been thinking of going recently, haha, should be fun!) both top the list of scary runways mainly due to the terrain surrounding the airport.
Even an airport like Washington DC's Reagan National feature on the list. Another notable mention was an airstrip in Lesotho, the story of which reminds of James Bond's flight in Golden Eye.
To quickly jump to the spot I am referring to, go to time 6:35 on video and watch from there.

So if you are out to earn more and more airmiles, but do not pay attention to the destination, you might be in for some roller coaster rides! Watch out.


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