Nov 8, 2008

Zecco Stock Brokerage and Free online trading

If you have done your due diligence on and are ready to sign up with them, THEN EMAIL me at before signing up . I will refer you and also tell you about the cut.

This is not endorsed by Zecco, I am just doing it as a goodwill measure for a short time only. This offer might removed from this site anytime if Zecco pulls out of the underlying referral promotion (through which I hope to fund this reward, hehe)

Zecco, the discount online stock broker that offers "10 free trades/month" if you maintain $25000 or more in equity

Stock trading is risky business, the capital is yours and at RISK. Invest only money that you can lose. Take profits easily, cut losses even more easily.
You yourself are responsbile for your money and investment decisions, no body else is the world is responsible for that, including OPEC, Obama, Putin, Pelosi or Palin. I decided to ignore other key names in politics because they don't start with O or P. Also if you join Zecco you are doing so at your own responsilbility and aware of stock market risks as well as the fact that nothing is risk free in today's world. So this is not a forceful recommendation, merely posting some news that I saw about Zecco. Best of luck.


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