Sep 23, 2008

Driver License Compact DLC

This post is irrelevant to air miles, but in the interest of public information, I have decided to write about the Driver Licensing Compact (agreement) among the different states in US. The states of Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin are NOT members of the DLC (opens pdf). Note that District of Columbia actually signed the DLC. The states that signed the DLC share driving record info and also go by the "one license" rule. So if you move from one state another and want a new license from the new state, you have to surrender your old state license. Regarding this issue I heard something that, states of MA, GA etc can actually refuse to honor your license (Either as an ID or as a driving privilege document). I am not sure if that is just a rumor or if it is a valid but rarely ever enforced rule. Comments anyone?


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