Aug 16, 2008

Then versus now: 2006 to 2008: USA- Education vs Economy

I came across an article on that talks about "foreign investment" in USA Inc. At the same it reminded me of an old (2006!) TIME article that I had bookmarked, which spoke more about the lead which US still maintains in technological education. While these two articles do not compare the same issues, but it was still interesting to note the changing perspectives of the writers. The writers of the two articles are completely different people, but when a common man reads it, they are going to be thinking not much about the author, but more about the current state of things. I leave the judgment to you.

Additional note on cross border investments: When it comes to foreign investment in US, some economists seem very concerned that it may not be useful in the long run, but their viewpoint seems to be from a narrow perspective. When you look at the global picture, as long individual is diversified across major economies of the world (through the companies or sectors they own), then the shifts in global currency strengths should even out. One example would be Coca cola (NYSE: KO). Several years back, when KO was investing in India, there was considerable opposition to a foreign company coming in. But, turn the clock forward several years and Indian companies such as Thums-Up happily let themselves to be acquired by Coca cola (because it made financial sense and it would have futile to compete with Coke and Pepsi.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement to invest in any of the companies mentioned above. Additionally at the time of writing this post, I do not hold any positions in any of the companies mentioned.


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