Dec 15, 2005

Silent work

Doing 'good things' for our planet.
One way is using resources in a judicious manner - be it:
  • turning off a light that is not needed, or
  • keeping the thermostat down when you are away,
  • or reusing plastic bags and containers and finally recycling,
  • not wasting food, aka 'cleaning my plate' /ordering right sized portions, eating only what you can eat. Not what you can stuff. or
  • composting - reducing solid waste in landfills and returning nutrients to the soil.
.. it could be any number of things, but I usually like to do these silently without making a big show of it. The only time I tell others that I am doing these things is when they ask for tips on energy conservation or recycling, or when sharing knowledge on these topics.
In fact, this is how I feel things ought to be done, in a quiet manner without having the need to adopt a holier than thou attitude, where one can go about saying "I saved the planet today by recycling a beer can" or "I walked to school, but you did n't so you are polluting the planet".
Now, I am able to walk to school because I live fairly close to school - 20 min walk- which is considered long by many of my friends.

Do not boast about doing a few good things, use the 'talking' time and energy in doing more things.


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